Our Mission

Gridlife Film & Photo LLC is an independent production company that provides its clients with the crew and tools needed to be able to bring their visions to life.  We are based out of Atlanta, Georgia but never limited to travel for a job. Gridlife Film & Photo up holds a standard of professionalism and quality assurance that only comes from passionate filmmakers and professionals  that want to help you make your next project.   

The Gridlife Story

Julian Cabrera and Michael Estes are old film school buddies that shared the same dream. After graduating from Full Sail University with their B.S. in cinematography, the decision was made to make that dream into a reality. After a year of the formation of Gridlife Film & Photo LLC in Mobile, Alabama, the decision was made to expand our work and production services to Atlanta, Georgia. Now that Gridlife Film & Photo is in Atlanta, Julian Cabrera has become a member of the IATSE local 479 as a sound mixer/boom operator and Michael Estes has joined the MPEG local 700 as an Editor.  Between us, we also share an extensive network of individuals from Georgia and all over the country that help us make the quality work we do. Our knowledge and experience with everything from pre-production all the way through post production helps us contribute to bringing an overall professional grade service/product to you.